Student Employment

Clerk C

Customer Services

Job #: 600046
Location: Michigan League
Department: Michigan Union Ticket Office
Rate: $9.79
Resume Required? Yes
Work-Study? Work-Study Only Position

Michigan Union Ticket Office (currently in the Michigan League underground) handles ticketing for on- and off-campus concerts and events facilitated by student groups, concert promoters, and other sponsoring organizations. Duties include utilizing ticketing software to sell tickets to customers at the counter and over the phone, handing out will call tickets, staffing shows around the U of M campus, answering customer questions, and a variety of other tasks related to office management and maintenance, trainings, and customer service.

Job Requirements

This job is a WORK STUDY position, meaning that you must be a U of M student with a work study award from the Office of Financial Aid in order to be hired. Work study is not required during the Spring/Summer semesters, but candidates who can continue working during the school year must have a work study award for Fall and Winter.

Candidates must be reliable, flexible, and mature with excellent customer service skills and a high degree of attention to detail. During the school year, students will work a minimum of 4 hours per week, while most work around 8-12 hours per week, depending on availability and staffing needs. MUTO tickets Spring Commencement at the Michigan Stadium and agents who are not participating as graduates are required to work for this event. Agents will have a regular weekly schedule, with Saturday shifts and show shifts assigned on a rotating basis. Office hours are between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 9 a.m to 1 p.m. During the spring, summer, and season breaks, schedules will vary and office hours are reduced by one hour. Evening and weekend availability for shows is desirable. Candidates should also have several consecutive hours available during the week for office shifts. Students who are professional and dedicated to good customer service will be considered.

Educational Value

The Michigan Union Ticket Office has many professional development goals for students who work as Ticket Agents:
1. The ability to work with diverse members of the campus community;
2. Improvement in customer service and interpersonal skills;
3. The ability to work in a team environment;
4. Improvement in problem-solving abilities.