Student Employment

Summer Conference Assistant

Conference & Event Planning

Job #: 500575
Location: Multiple Locations
Department: Conference Services
Rate: Room + Board
Resume Required? Yes
Work-Study? Non-Work-Study Position

Summer Conference Assistant | SCA 2021

Tentative Job dates: May 04, 2021 to August 9, 2021


**This position is contingent upon activity restrictions that may be in place due to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic. Our main priority is the safety and wellbeing for everyone involved in summer conferences. A follow up communication will be sent if the status of this position changes.



The key responsibility for Summer Conference Assistant (SCAs) during spring/summer operations is coordination and support of client groups/guests to ensure effective use of the buildings and resources while ensuring a satisfactory  stay for clients/guests. 

SCAs assist in the Community Center (CC) operations and perform frequent check-ins and check-outs that are essential to successful summer operations. SCAs prepare for new groups and assist in making room assignments, keys, and other arrangements for clients as part of the building team. SCAs utilize the conferences database system and follow ­up with guests and colleagues as necessary.

SCAs spend a significant amount of time at the CC interacting with Conference guests/clients through face ­to ­face interaction. 



SCAs are directly supervised by the Conference and Event Services and Residence Education. 


Time Commitment & Work Schedule

All SCAs are required to work a minimum of 20 hours of weekly work commitments, including scheduled shifts at the CC and work-related meetings, this includes workday business hours, weekends, and holidays. 

During off-peak times, SCAs are expected to assist with administrative tasks as determined by in-community staff. 

SCAs are also required to work duty rotations throughout summer. 

SCAs are required to attend In-Building training, which starts 1 week prior to the building(s) opening. 

It is expected that SCAs are available from the time Building training starts until no later than August 9th. 

SCAs must all be present for the last week of operation as all SCAs assist with closing responsibilities.


Important Dates: All staff members are expected to equally share in staffing the community during all breaks where the halls and apartments remain open.

**All dates below are tentative and subject to change


  • Tuesday, May 4 - Thursday, May 6: Move In/Training

  • Friday, May 7th, 2021: Spring/Summer All Staff Training 

  • Monday, May 31th, 2021: Memorial Day

  • Sunday, July 4th, 2021: Independence Day

  • August 2-9th: Last week of operation

Residence Halls vary in opening date, placements will be made by Conference & Event Services & Residence Education.



With the exception of your classes, please note this position is expected to be high priority. As you consider applying, please reflect on your current and future commitments and how you will prioritize your position. Please note, you will work with your supervisor who will be working with all staff members, who also may have competing responsibilities/priorities, to ensure appropriate staffing.

Participate in an overnight duty rotation, this rotation is to ensure safety and security of guests/community members. 

Attendance at all training, assigned shifts, weekly staff meetings, and biweekly 2:1 meetings (M-F, between 9am -5pm) is mandatory unless previously approved by your direct supervisor.

Focus on customer service as the groups in our communities are the top priority.. Forms of customer service include offering assistance, giving them directions to various locations on and off campus, helping them with mail and package processing, finding answers for them, etc.

Making keys and welcome packets for incoming guests.

Creating bulletin boards that provide necessary information such as protocol for emergencies. 

Participate in the preparation of opening and closing of buildings for summer operations.

Be an ambassador for the University of Michigan and have a commitment to a positive experience for each group/guest who resides with us.

Provide administrative support to Summer Operations through planning and preparation for incoming and outgoing groups/clients.

SCAs can provide CC coverage in any community throughout the Spring and Summer based on departmental needs.

Assist with various projects/assignments as assigned by their supervisors.



Compensation for the minimum of 20 hours of weekly work commitments is room & board. This compensation could start as early as May 4th.

You will receive 2 meals/day up until a week prior to your assigned building(s) opening. 

A week prior to your assigned building(s) opening you will receive 3 meals/day (with the exception of Saturday & Sunday which is 2 meals/day)  

Compensation for overnight duty rotations assigned is $150/week stipend, starting a week prior to your assigned building(s) opening through various end dates, no later than August 9th. 


Please note: University Housing will notify the Financial Aid Department of your staff appointment. If you receive any financial assistance from any governmental or University sources, we strongly recommend you consult with a Financial Aid Counselor to identify the potential impact this position will have on your financial aid award.  Room and Board may be considered taxable income.




Strong commitment to customer service and offering a quality guest experience

Strong desire to engage guests and be a positive role model

Desire to be part of a work team

Strong communication and collaboration skills are required for success in a close knit work group

Candidates must be enrolled U-M students at the time of application



This position will be expected to follow all current university COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and be in compliance with all requirements of students who live and work on campus.