Student Employment

Programmer II

Information Technology

Job #: 400053
Location: Mary Markley
Department: Housing Information Technology Office
Rate: $13
Resume Required? Yes
Work-Study? Either, Work-Study or Non-Work-Study Available

HITO is looking for students to join our Projects team providing problem solving skills and coding support for Housing administrative staff and our partners. A successful candidate will be motivated, self-disciplined, energetic, and capable of operating independently. Candidates for this position must have some experience with PHP programming for their own use, the use of others, or in a professional capacity. Deep technical expertise is not required, as long as a candidate demonstrates critical thinking, logical problem solving ability, and a willingness to learn.

Job Duties:
The Programmer II position provides technology support for Housing Administrative Staff remotely, through email and the web. Minimal UNIX-based systems familiarity for a developer with some PHP based programming work incorporating database access, customer service, troubleshooting and technical documentation. Successful candidates in Spring/Summer semester may continue to Fall/Winter Semesters.

Minimum qualifications:
1) Must be a currently enrolled student at the University of Michigan;
2) PHP programming [minimum of 6 consecutive months of experience with primary focus on PHP programming] plus UNIX server management [minimum of consecutive experience of 6 months] plus demonstrable experience with the following:
a. Finding data
b. Updating and deleting data in databases
c. Independent work style while also participating team and department goals
d. Work style which includes industrious task completion and the ability to prioritize
e. Completed IT-oriented project work [professional or academic]
f. Troubleshooting scripts written by other programmers
g. Researching and resolving problems with technology associated with scripts or system configuration
3) Ability to work between the hours of Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5PM; Must be available for spring/summer work
4) Ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing
5) Ability to prioritize work assignments and school assignments
6) Ability to take the initiative and deal with developing situations as they occur
7) Ability to work minimally 10 hours a week

Applicants bringing more technical ability or experience will be considered for a higher level of appointment and compensation.

Desired Qualifications:
1) Experiences in jQuery AJAX methods is a plus
2) Using a scripting language to automate database tasks described in #2 from minimum qualifications)
3) Demonstrable experience configuring Apache on a UNIX box