Student Employment

Program Assistant


Job #: 111021
Location: Multiple Locations
Department: Intergroup Relations (IGR)
Rate: $10/hr.
Resume Required? Yes
Work-Study? Either, Work-Study or Non-Work-Study Available

Student Experience Team Undergraduate Program Assistant

Job Description:
The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) is a social justice education program that blends theory and experiential learning to facilitate students’ learning around social group identity, social inequality, and intergroup relations. The IGR Student Experience Team (SET) is a student-centered initiative, with a mission to work to ensure that IGR students have joyful, valuable, and sustained engagement in our community.

SET aims to build and grow a strong community of students across IGR’s courses, workshops, and research projects. SET hosts exciting events to meet student needs and enhance the IGR student experience, such as Facilitator Fridays, an online Equity Challenge, and Semester/Year End Celebrations. This year, SET is looking for a motivated, creative, and collaborative student to lead SET’s social media engagements and virtual campaigns. As the Social Media Program Assistant, you will gain skills in graphic design, social media marketing, relationship and community building, collaboration and cooperation, social justice education, and peer-education.

SET Social Media Program Assistant (PA):
Design eye catching informational materials for engaging with our community online.
Create and implement virtual social media campaigns to build community virtually and stay engaged with our student community.
Work to support IGR curricular and co-curricular opportunities including student engagement and community building on virtual platforms.

Graphic Design and Social Media (50%)
Design graphics for SET events and social media campaigns, including IGR Student Spotlights, social justice calendar events, IGR Insights, and facilitator tool infographics, using Canva
Work with the Student Engagement Program Assistant to develop plans for event promotion
Regularly post on our social channels to engage with our community (including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
Support our partners by browsing their accounts and sharing their promotions
Connect with students to collect stories for IGR Student Spotlight

Research and Planning (20%)
Find articles related to social justice and intergroup dialogue to share with our community
Analyze the impact of our social media efforts to determine effective practices for engagement (including Facebook and Instagram analytics)
Write short articles for the IGR Voice monthly newsletter

SET Community Administration (15%)
Attend and prepare for weekly 1:1 check in with supervisor, SET Program Coordinator (PC)
Co-lead and participate in weekly SET meetings
Completing and submitting bi-weekly time sheets

Other SET Tasks (15%)
Collaborating with the Student Experience Team on communications plans, working collectively with Student Engagement PA, and program thought partnering
Create and build relationships with IGR students during programming events
Perform administrative tasks and other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor

Please contact the SET Program Coordinator, Elizabeth Beckett (, if you have any questions, or would like to learn more about joining us as the Social Media Program Assistant!

Educational value of this job:
This student colleague will further develop skills related to graphic design, social media marketing, relationship and community building, collaboration and cooperation, social justice education, and peer-education.

Job Requirements:
Please include in your application materials a paragraph expressing why you are interested in the role, and the strengths and experiences that qualifies you for the SET Social Media Program Assistant position.

Required Qualifications:
Commit to a regular 8-10 hr/week work schedule
Potential to work remotely (depending on University guidelines and have access to a device (ie. laptop, desktop, tablet) during scheduled hours.
Commitment to the pursuit of social justice through education consistent with the IGR mission.
Passion for growing and building the IGR community.
Proficiency in platforms including Canva, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Zoom
Desire to develop strong relationships with peers, raise awareness about opportunities in IGR, and foster a strong sense of belonging so they are active members of the IGR community.
Creativity and ability to innovate.
Strong organizational, written, interpersonal, and teamwork skills.
Exceptional time management skills.
Self-motivated and able to work in a collaborative environment.
Utilize academic and personal networks to disseminate IGR information and grow the IGR community.
Programming or program-related experience.

Desired Qualifications:
Knowledge of the IGR community.
Prior engagement in IGR curricular and/or co-curricular offerings (courses, dialogues, CommonGround workshops, Recruitment Team etc.).
Facilitation experience (programs, dialogues, etc.).

Number of Available Openings: 1
Hours: 8.0 to 10.0 hours per week
Compensation: $10.00/hour
Time Frame: Fall/Winter
Contact Person: Elizabeth Beckett
Email Address:
Work Location: 1214 S. University Ave., 2nd Flr, Suite B