Student Employment

Graduate Intern


Job #: 100040
Location: Multiple Locations
Department: Intergroup Relations (IGR)
Rate: $16.00
Resume Required? Yes
Work-Study? Either, Work-Study or Non-Work-Study Available

Core Responsibilities:

The two CommonGround Interns are members of the CommonGround Programming Team, the group of undergraduate and graduate student staff that oversee the programmatic aspects of CommonGround. In addition to serving as members of the Programming Team, the Graduate Interns will also have the following responsibilities.

Core Programming Team Responsibilities – Both Interns:

● Support the mission of CommonGround as an active member of the Programming Team.
● Participate in weekly Programming Team (staff) meetings
● Co-facilitate workshops, weekly meetings, and training retreats.
● Assist with marketing, recruitment, and selection of new members.
● Perform administrative tasks and other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.
● Commit to a regular 20 hour/week work schedule, with some additional nights and weekends for meetings, events, and retreats.

Additional Internship Responsibilities – Each Intern will be responsible for some of the following:

● Supervising undergraduate staff – potentially the Program Coordinators, Logistics Coordinator, and Program Assistant.
● Training & supporting workshop facilitators – workshop facilitators are student workers who facilitate the requested social justice education workshops. Training and support happen through a training retreat once a semester; bi-weekly meetings to enhance facilitators knowledge of social justice issues, activity curricula, and facilitation techniques; and one-on one-coaching.
● Training & supporting curriculum specialists– curriculum specialists are student workers who focus on assessing and enhancing workshop content.
● Workshop oversight & management – ensuring individual workshop schedule.
● Curriculum Development – creating/enhancing the activities, exercises, or other content to be used in workshops and trainings.
● Marketing/Recruitment – Overseeing the process of recruiting new workshop facilitators and student coordinators to CommonGround.
● Community Building – Ensuring that students are supported, feel a sense of community, and have a meaningful experience with CommonGround. This includes identifying student needs, planning events, and improving retention.

This internship is ideal for those who are interested in which areas of higher education?

➢ Diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice
➢ Developing and facilitating educational trainings, workshops, etc.
➢ Program development/management
➢ Leadership development
➢ High student contact; supporting student learning and engagement

What skills/knowledge will the intern gain from this internship?

➢ Interns will continue learning how to work effectively in a diverse, team-based, highly collaborative professional environment (making decisions, resolve conflict, etc.).
➢ Interns will experience a department that is part of both the Divisions of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.
➢ The framework and pedagogy of social justice education; the opportunity to put identity development and social justice education theories into practice.
➢ Interns will engage further in their own identity development, and gain a better understanding of how one’s own social identities relate to the role of a social justice educator.

What are the benefits of working here?

The opportunity to be involved with a nationally recognized program that is developing new curricular, co-curricular, and community-based initiatives on an on-going basis. The staff, faculty and students who work with our program are passionate about the work that we do and are continually challenging each other to stay current and knowledgeable about the social issues that are part of society. Not to mention that laughter and fun are a part of our everyday lives in IGR.

Job Requirements:

● Must be available at the end of August 2019
● Strong understanding and commitment to social justice education, inclusivity, and student development
● Strong knowledge of intergroup relations and multicultural education practices.
● Excellent organizational, written, and interpersonal communication skills
● Preferred experience in program development and implementation, either as a student or professional and have good leadership and management skills
● Preferred experience in supervising staff
● Must be able to interact and work effectively with students, faculty, and staff
● The successful candidates will be creative, self-motivated, responsible, reliable, detail oriented and willing to take the initiative.

To apply: Please upload your cover letter and resume.