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Graduate Intern


Job #: 100025
Location: Trotter Multicultural Center
Department: Office of VP Student Life
Rate: $14.00-$16.00
Resume Required? Yes
Work-Study? Non-Work-Study Position

Intercultural Learning Graduate Intern

Eligibility Criteria:

● Earned Bachelor's Degree
● Must be available to work August-April and Available for a June 6 & 7 8:00 am-6:00 pm (May-July employment possible)
● Must be in good academic and social standing within their school/college
● Must comply with all local, state, and federal laws
● Must uphold all policies and procedures as defined by the University of Michigan Standard Practice Guide, and any other applicable University policies and procedures
● Must adhere to all roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the entire duration of the appointment

Department Summary:

Student Life is committed to facilitating student learning and the development of the whole student while cultivating a diverse and inclusive campus community. Through our programs, services, facilities and partnerships, we provide opportunities for students' transformation and enrich their education.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Life serves as the strategic operations hub for implementation of the Student Life Five-Year Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which prioritizes:

● Strengthening existing advocacy, support and education DE&I programs, improving DE&I partnerships with schools/colleges, and building the Trotter Multicultural Center on State Street
● Encouraging innovation with pilot initiatives to develop a more global and inclusive student mindset
● Improving assessment capacity to ensure our DE&I work is more data-driven

Job description:

Working as a part of Student Life’s DE&I effort the Intercultural Learning Graduate Intern: IDI Qualified Administrators provide support to DEI’s intercultural learning objective; develop a more global and inclusive student mindset. This position will focus on implementation of the Intercultural Development Inventory pilot program in order to:

1) Demonstrate direct staff/student impact (with data/metrics)
2) Articulate progress on the objective’s stated “measures of success” (named in the Plan)
3) Name contribution to associated Student Life student learning outcomes
4) Apply year one assessment, reflection and infrastructure efforts to directly inform the year two pilot
Intercultural Learning Graduate Intern: IDI Qualified Administrator responsibilities include but are not limited to:

IDI Qualified Administrator (QA) Role

● Complete the Intercultural Development Inventory Qualifying Seminar to become a Qualified Administrator of the IDI. This opportunity would provide you a certification to administer the IDI. This credential belongs to the individual and would be yours beyond involvement in this role. This credential is valued at over $1600.00 and certifies you for the following roles as QA:

- Provide IDI individual results interpretations
- Participation in group IDI results interpretations and development facilitations
- Participation in a community of practice with the UM IDI Qualified administrators

Administrative and Logistics Role:

● Assist the Intercultural Learning and Innovation Lead with the development of activities to promote global and inclusive mindsets for individual IDI Pilot participants and student organizations.
● Maintain physical and online resources for student participants and IDI Qualified Advisors (QAs).
● Scheduling meetings, preparing materials for IDI group and individual results interpretations
● Work collaboratively with fellow Intercultural Learning Interns, staff Qualified administrators and student staff to facilitate the delivery of the Student Life IDI Pilot.
● Participate in the planning and coordination of IDI pilot events and meetings, including but not limited to: fall IDI student summit, pre-education and introduction sessions, individualized coaching sessions and group profile meetings and IDI pilot promotion events.
● Developing promotional materials for IDI efforts. Materials will include but are not limited to flyers, social media marketing, and presentations to student organizations, boards and staff teams.
● Develop educational resources for IDI efforts. Materials will include but are not limited to educational videos, supplemental readers and handouts.
● Participating in planning and providing administrative support necessary to deliver robust and meaningful assessment of the IDI pilot through pre/post test, surveys, group feedback sessions and other methods.
● Learn about IDI and other intercultural learning tools and resources generating reports and summary documents for the enhancement of IDI Pilot programs and the achievement of the DEI strategic plan.
● Provide support in aligning the IDI Pilot series with Student Life Learning outcomes and co-curricular learning objectives.
● Contribute to the development and delivery of IDI pilot work plans and task lists for current and future pilot initiatives

What are work expectations?

● Biweekly supervisory and/or Intern team meetings
● Willingness to create IDI experiences for others
● Openness to learn
● Initiative taking
● Clearly and regularly communicating, showing ethical judgment, taking small risks, participating in weekly supervision meetings, and joining the Ginsberg staff team at monthly potlucks if your schedule permits.
● Attendance at IDI Staff Team meetings as scheduled
● Flexibility will be needed as priorities shift


The IDI Pilot Assistant position will be compensated at $14.00-$16.00 per hour and a potential of a furnished $1600.00 IDI QA training fee.

Student Life Human Resources Office
512 Student Activities Building 515 East Jefferson Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 764-7628

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Additional Notes:

This is currently a one-year position.