Student Employment

Office Assistant

Office & Guest Services

Job #: 100021
Location: Fleming
Department: Office of VP Student Life
Rate: $10-$12 (depends on experience)
Resume Required? Yes
Work-Study? Either, Work-Study or Non-Work-Study Available

Department – Office of the Vice President for Student Life


The Office of the Vice President for Student Life is at the center of most, if not all student opportunities and engagements offered on campus, serving as the hub for 27 different departments ranging from the Trotter Multicultural Center to Rec Sports, from the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center to MDining, from the Center for Campus Involvement to Counseling and Psychological Services…you name it, we’re probably involved with it.

Our office welcomes students seeking guidance and assistance from administration, guests and donors on campus to visit, and a wide range of high-level administrators and officials with whom we interact on a daily basis. We seek to foster an inclusive, respectful, and helpful environment, and work constantly with students and departments across campus on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our mission is to cultivate a campus where student life is vibrant, inclusive, and always pushing the boundaries to set an even better model for the rest of the world. Thriving students are the core of what we strive for; naturally, we turn to students to help us do the best work that we can for our University.

Eligibility Criteria

• Must be available to work throughout the academic year, with preference for applicants with interest in working summer hours and/or able to continue working for multiple academic years (e.g. first- and second-year students looking for a job to hold through graduation)
• Must be in good academic and social standing within their school/college
• Must adhere to all roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the entire duration of the appointment
• Must be committed and engaged while at work and prioritize assigned tasks while in office
• Must be communicative and respectful in all interactions


• Engage with students, visitors, guests, and callers in an inclusive and welcoming manner
• Participate in the facilitation of an approachable and helpful environment within the Office of the VP for Student Life
• Carry out general office duties including typing, filing, copying, answering phones, and errands to other offices and campus buildings
• Self-educate and engage so as to serve as a resource for others on campus
• Manage confidential information in a timely, secure, and sensitive manner
• Interact with colleagues and supervisors with respect and inclusivity
• Maintain phone lines and welcome guests when the front desk assistant has stepped away
• Demonstrate creativity, flexibility, and poise when confronted with new tasks and opportunities to demonstrate leadership and strong decision-making, particularly when assigned a semester or year-long project


Generally, a student assistant will work a regular weekly schedule ranging from 5-20 hours per week during the academic year, accommodating their class schedule and extracurriculars, and within the office hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm. Summer hours are available and encouraged, ranging from 15-35 hours per week.
Any hours outside these regular hours will be scheduled pursuant to the projects discussed below.
Each student assistant will be offered the opportunity to engage in a regular, academic year-long project, which means that an applicant must be ready to commit to and prioritize their role for at least one academic year (September through April), with the option of continuing that role if they continue to work in our office. One such project is the coordination of the VP’s Student Advisory Board; another example is the Fireside Chats with the President of the University and the Vice President for Student Life.

Educational Value of the Position - Opportunity for students to:

• Develop stellar professionalism in all forms of interpersonal communication and engagement
• Foster extensive connections with University of Michigan administrators and departments
• Gain insight and firsthand experience with the inner workings of large organizations
• Gain a thorough understanding of Student Life at the University of Michigan through interacting with its 27 different departments, ranging from Rec Sports to SAPAC (Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center)
• Interact with a diverse array of visitors, coworkers, high-level administrators, and donors
• Bolster confidence, leadership and team-supportive skills, and overall eligibility for future jobs, scholarships, and opportunities
• Deepen an understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion from an administrative perspective while bringing a student’s perspective to administration
• Access and utilize professional development resources

Requirements for the Job

Desired computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point, Google Calendar, Google Drive. Only able to schedule regular hours Mon.-Fri. between 8:00am-5:00 p.m.; evening and weekend hours rare and limited to 2-hour biweekly or monthly projects such as coordinating and attending the VP for Student Life’s Advisory Board’s biweekly meetings.

Hours per week: Fall/Winter: 5-20 hours; Spring/Summer: 15-35 hours (may vary based on availability)
Time frame: Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer