Student Employment

Program Assistant

Residence Education

Job #: 100020
Location: Multiple Locations
Department: Housing
Rate: $10.00
Resume Required? Yes
Work-Study? Either, Work-Study or Non-Work-Study Available

The Housing Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (HSCR) team is made up of professional and
student staff whose aim is to promote restorative practices and restorative justice throughout University

Restorative justice is a response to a violation that focuses on restoring the harms caused to those who are
impacted an incident, holding respondents accountable for the harm they have caused, and building peace
within communities. One way HSCR works to hold students accountable for our Community Living
Standards is through our Community Circle Program.

A Community Circle is a group meeting involving the following parties:

-Respondents: Students who have violated the Community Living at Michigan (CLAM) Policy
-Impacted Parties: Resident advisors, Hall Directors, roommates, hallmates, Housing Security Officers,
facilities staff
-Other Affected Parties: Representatives from HSCR

All parties work together to come up with a resolution that will repair the harm done to the community.
The dialogue is structured by student facilitators.

The Community Circle Program Assistant would be responsible for holding initial intake meetings with
the involved residential students and invite them to participate in the Community Circle Program. If a
student does not accept responsibility or choose to complete a Circle, the Community Circle Program
Assistant will conduct a one on one arbitration with the student. This position is intended for a
undergraduate student currently attending the University of Michigan.

● Conduct Community Circle intake meetings and facilitate restorative justice circles with
residential students and process cases in online Advocate database system.
● Attend Community Circle Facilitator meetings
● Attend biweekly check in meetings with HSCR Assistant Director
● Assist with research and assessment initiatives in the HSCR office
● Assist with training and programs with Residence Education professional staff and OSCR (Office
of Student Conflict Resolution) staff as needed.

Desired skills:
● Enthusiastic, organized, demonstrates genuine care for student growth and learning.
● Excellent speaking and writing ability to help in presenting information and leading discussions.
● Teaching/facilitating experience with undergraduate students.
● Exposure to or knowledge of RJ philosophy and conflict management skills.

Hours per week: 10-15
Time frame: Fall/Winter